BINOSTO® (alendronate sodium) effervescent tablet for oral solution 70 mg on The Balancing Act® airing on Lifetime Television®

Dr. Sol Epstein, nurse practitioner Susan Rawlins, and osteoporosis patient Kathy Poole talk about maintaining good bone health, the importance of getting tested for osteoporosis, seeing your doctor, and BINOSTO, a new option in osteoporosis medicine.

Segment 1

Join Dr. Sol Epstein, Susan Rawlins, and Kathy Poole, a patient who has been dealing with osteoporosis for 10 years, as they talk about the condition and Kathy's recent switch to BINOSTO.

Segment 2

Susan Rawlins shares her insight on the importance of exercise for maintaining good bone health. She also suggests how to get your daily allowance of calcium and introduces BINOSTO, a buffered osteoporosis medication, as an alternative to taking pills.

Segment 3

Dr. Sol Epstein discusses treatment options and a new buffered solution.

Segment 4

Dr. Sol Epstein, Susan Rawlins, and Kathy Poole, a patient successfully managing her osteoporosis with BINOSTO, discuss the importance of getting a DEXA scan, diet, and exercise for managing osteoporosis.

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