Isn’t BINOSTO® (alendronate sodium) effervescent tablet for oral solution 70 mg an expensive drug?

BINOSTO is accompanied by a valuable coupon that offers savings of up to $60 on your prescriptions. Just download the coupon from this site or get a coupon from your doctor, and take it to a pharmacy along with your prescription.

With this discount, the price of BINOSTO is in the same range as that of generic alendronates.

How do I know BINOSTO is working?

Because osteoporosis is a condition with no symptoms, it is impossible to actually feel BINOSTO working in your body. It’s very important to take BINOSTO exactly as your doctor has prescribed it. You will learn about BINOSTO effectiveness as bone scans and other clinical tests provide information on your bones over time.

How much water do I need to take with BINOSTO?

The BINOSTO effervescent tablet dissolves in 4 oz plain, room temperature water. That’s half a glass. And when you drink the solution, you will enjoy a pleasant tasting solution.

Does BINOSTO work as well as alendronate tablets?

YES! BINOSTO has been proven to work the same way in the body as alendronate tablets. The technical term for this is “bioequivalence”; in other words, it is equivalent in the body to alendronate tablets.

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