Survey Results

Findings from a National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF)/Inspire survey

Mission Pharmacal sponsored a survey that was conducted by Inspire with the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) support online community.1

When women with osteoporosis were asked what they liked and disliked about taking their osteoporosis medicine, they spoke out. Swallowing pills or tablets is an issue for more women than one might think.

Some 82% of the survey respondents had been diagnosed with osteoporosis, and 73% had taken or were currently taking osteoporosis medicine in a pill or tablet form.

Their responses paint a clear picture about dosing preferences for osteoporosis medicine.

27% of women experienced difficulty or discomfort swallowing pills or tablets
44% dislike taking pills or tablets
67% would take medicine in a form other than a pill or tablet if they could
50% of women would like to learn more about an effervescent osteoporosis medicine
16% have never talked to their doctor or nurse about their trouble swallowing pills

A total of 331 women participated in the survey; 291 of them had been diagnosed with osteoporosis. The survey was conducted in June and July of 2013.


Talk to your health care professional

If you have difficulty swallowing or would simply prefer liquid instead of a pill or tablet, let your health care professional know. There are alternatives, including BINOSTO® (alendronate sodium) effervescent tablet for oral solution 70 mg.


  • 1. Osteoporosis medication dosing preferences. Survey conducted by Inspire. June 2013.

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